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Possibly from the Greek kreno, (to reign over or govern).

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  1. The youngest of the twelve Titans, son of Uranus and Gaia; father to Zeus; dethroned his father and was subsequently dethroned by his son.


Greek mythology

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Kronos can refer to:
  • Cronus, the Titan who is the father of Zeus
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In film and television
  • Kronos (film), a 1957 science fiction film
  • Kronos (Highlander), a fictional character from Highlander: The Series, portrayed by actor Valentine Pelka
  • In The Incredibles, the plot concocted by Syndrome, the supervillain of the film
  • Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld in the fictional Star Trek universe
  • In The Time Monster, a creature from outside time that feeds on time itself
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